Having grown up recording hip-hop cassette mixtapes, AKSO discovers his love for deep and dirty baselines, captivating grooves, and vocal hooks sat on top of pronounced, movement inducing house beats through pioneers such as Carl Cox, Roger Sanchez and Erick Morillo. Today this translates into dynamic, technique driven sets, which spark the crowd’s interest and drive enjoyable and memorable party atmosphere.

Originally from Sofia, Bulgaria, AKSO relocates to the United Kingdom in 2010 to pursue higher education in Business and Economics. While at university, he is introduced to the local party scene and secures DJ gigs at several local venues. His work behind the decks successfully captures the attention of other party-minded people, which helps him spread his performances around the UK with cities including Birmingham, Nottingham and Sheffield. In 2012 and 2014, he enters the elimination rounds of the Freestyle DJ Competition at BPM and in 2015 he is able to qualify at the prestigious second place. In addition, he is granted guest sets at the Play@BPM stage in 2014 and 2015.

In 2017 AKSO relocates to Germany where he currently resides and continues his musical journey. The flavour that he brings to the dance floor is well accepted, securing him gigs in cities like Frankfurt and Würzburg. In addition, after a year of planning and organisation he is able to launch an own concept ashore the river Main, which in 2020 will run in its second year.

In 2018 AKSO successfully realises one of his dreams, which is to perform in front of a Bulgarian crowd. He starts a yearly event, which allows him to stay close to his roots as well as get inspiration by talented DJs that contribute to the dynamic party scene in his home country.

Moreover, AKSO’s love for music and his ambition goes beyond the concept of mixing tunes. Inspired by DJs such as Bass Kleph, Shiftee and Enferno, he embraces digital technology in order to push the boundaries of live performance. He says: “I dream that one day people would be excited to come and watch my sets. I believe that live performance builds a relationship with the crowd that traditional DJing cannot.”

When he is not performing at events, AKSO likes to spend his time working on new video mixes and Maschine kits in his home studio. His YouTube channel AKSO Official has an ever-growing fan base. It is where he expresses himself musically and shares his work with the DJ community and other eager ears alike.